These pages contain works lists I've compiled for various video game composers, listing the games they've composed music for, and possibly some other games of interest. I've tried to use official sources whenever possible, and generally reliable sources when there's no direct evidence. I provide a source for each game, and classify each game based on the sources, so you can easily tell which games definitely have music by the composer and which ones may be questionable.

The lists use some optional JavaScript to collapse some details. If you have JavaScript enabled, there will be an arrow alongside each game that you can click to show/hide more information about the work (the source, co-composers, soundtracks, etc.), as well as an arrow in the table header to show/hide all details at once. If you have JavaScript disabled, all of this information will just be visible by default.

That's enough introduction, here are the lists:

I make no claim of ownership for the information in these lists – after all, it's just factual information – so feel free to use any of it in any way you see fit. I'd appreciate it if you'd give me credit and a linkback if you do, of course. The quotes, screenshots, album scans, and other supporting material used to verify composer involvement are copyrights of their respective owners. All the rest of it – code, design, original graphics – is mine, except where noted.