Basically a port of Cogito by Atreid Concept (Kalisto).


Return the scrambled grid (left) to its original pattern (upper right). Click/tap the arrow buttons along the edge of the grid to shift rows and columns.

Puzzle Navigation

Ergo's 120 puzzles are shown as a grid in the lower right corner. Puzzles you've solved are white, puzzles you haven't solved but have unlocked are gray, and puzzles you haven't unlocked yet are black. Solving a puzzle will unlock all adjacent puzzles. The puzzle that's currently loaded will blink.

To choose a different puzzle, move the square cursor with the arrow buttons above the puzzle grid and hit the "Load" button.


This game has music! The background music is disabled by default to save you from downloading it if you don't really want it. To enable the music, hit the crossed out musical note icon below the goal grid. I recommend it! (There may be a delay when starting the music for the first time while it loads.)

You can also disable/enable the sound effects with the speaker icon and change the tileset the game uses with the popup menu.

Browser Compatibility

Ergo should probably run in any relatively modern desktop web browser that's been updated in the last couple of years, except for Internet Explorer. The main features it uses are <canvas> drawing, <audio> elements, and Web Audio, which all the current major browsers support. I've only tested it in Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera on a Mac, though. Hit me up in the likely situation that you find something broken.

The game should theoretically run on mobile devices too, but you won't have a great experience on small, phone-sized screens because I planned on targeting desktops only when doing most of the work on this eight years ago; in particular, the controls are pretty tiny and bunched together. Playing on tablets should be okay, and I patched in some real basic touch support for them, but I've only tested this on an iPad.

Due to audio restrictions in mobile versions of Safari, on iOS devices the background music will always start off disabled when you load the game, and sound effects won't play during the initial scrambling of the first puzzle.


This game uses four cookies to keep track of your sound and graphics settings and which puzzles you've completed. If you have cookies disabled, Ergo will only remember these things until you close the browser window.

Original Credits

Cogito was originally released in 1992 for Mac OS and Windows. The original game concept, puzzles, tile graphics, music, and sound effects all come from it.

Ergo Credits

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